Virtual Competitions Profit With Us We Are Looking For Motivated School Owners and Individuals  to Work With Us In Every City In The United States Veterans

NEED A JOB? How about working for yourself?
1, Jump On Board With Your Own School,  or  2, Locate any kind of school in Your City Call or Text 561-629-6005 We will get right back with you! Master Ron Tramontano American Jobs Seminars Skype Videos Cookie Cuter  Room For Advancement

Here is what you are getting as a  NEW Business Owners. No Selling!

Dance, Gymnastic, Dirt Bike Racing and any other sports related activities may also inquire.

1. Owners that purchase this NEW online business get 3 money making websites!

2. Students pay their tournament entry fees at your school or online in your own PayPal account.

3. Parents love this because there is no traveling and it’s less expensive.

4. Students love it! It’s really high tech and so their generation.

5. Owners love it! Because they can tailor monthly competitions to what students need to work on.

6. Program is a monthly “Lead Generating Tool” Student’s use Social Media, You get the Reports!

7. Student skill level increase by leaps and bounds.

8. School Owners can pick other instructors to rate student to find the best over all competitor. New

9. Monthly estimated income for school owners depends on what you charge as your Entry Fee.

10. Seamless and happens each and every month like clockwork without much help from you the school owner.

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There Is Nothing To Sell