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You make money by:

Consulting to them, Doing it for them, Repeat business and Running your own events.

Example Of A Martial Arts Business Model This Is JUST One Of Many Business Models That Can Use Our Platform
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As an owner, you will have the ability to run multiple events for yourself or a client, all in one month; therefore giving you the ability to optimize your potential income.

Multi Platform Design Approach!

Your Business, Your Contacts and Our Platform

The Business Of Competitions…

Sports, Tournaments, Fitness, Auditions, Contests and Fundraisers







Create Competition within any sport.

Run auditions and interviews and make money at the same time.

 No matter what kind of business, there will always be challenges to be met, contests to run and fundraisers to have.

Find any sport and run a tournament or competition. Example: Dance, Martial Arts, Gymnastic ect.

Local businesses, churches, community schools and charities all need and use fundraisers.

Take any local event international with our newly Patented software.

Our Exceptional Services!

Memberships on our platform are family memberships, costing $25 as an annual fee and under one email address.  This annual fee also pays for participation in their first event.  You, as the business owner, will receive $5 from Virtual Competitions for this student's first event.  On the students' next event, the student will pay an entry fee to be determined, by the owner. Owners provide prizes at the end of each month to the winners of each event. Prizes can be Medals, Trophies, Cash Cards, or Vacations. You are the designer of your own events each month.  You have the ability to mix it up. You can run multiple events each month, for yourself or other businesses, maximizing your profits. Have fun and remember, after your videos are on our website, start your campaign to get as many star votes and views. (Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc..) Good Luck! Read Package Below For More Money Making Opportunities!

How Often Will You Run Events?

Owners love this because they can tailor their events monthly, yearly or quarterly. (fundraisers, tournaments, competitions and sporting/fitness events) for new and existing clients.

Videos Submitted To Competitions

As in any tournament, there are entry fees paid by students and clients. These entry fees are paid to a PayPal account belonging to you, the owner. Owners have the ability to make their entry fees whatever price they want, in any month.

Leads/New Contacts

Your events are also a monthly “Lead Generating Tool". Participants use Social Media to get the word out about their videos. Their videos are placed on Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Instagram and are just some of the ways they will use Social Media to get the word out and ask for votes. At the end of each event, you will receive a report of all visitors voting for your clients and students.

Judging Of Videos

Finding the winners of your events is easy and done automatically for you, the owner. At the end of each month, winners are found in one of two ways (or both):

Accumulated Star Votes combined with Views or by Designated Judges chosen by the "Business Owner" and designated to find the best overall competitors.

Community Of Competitors

Parents, Team members, Practitioners and Local Schools all love this! Less cumbersome to participate, no traveling, no wasted time, no food to buy and the community is seeing their children and themselves getting involved in the creation of something that belongs to them; a well-documented and treasured video archive of participation, community service and altruism.


Unlike normal events and competitions that last a day or two, events on our platform continue online from the 1st to the 25th of each month. Your Competitions can be Local, National, or for the International Markets.

Videos submitted by competitors, as entries in your events, require entry fees paid to an online PayPal account created by you, the business owner.  100% of the entry fees belong to you.

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