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Guest : karate ka
How did you find TMAN?: Just Surfed On In!
Comments: "MARTIAL ARTS" TEHELKA SUB: BHARAT SHARMA (DELHI) PLAYING WITH THE LIFE OF PLAYERS. This is karate man & i love karate more then my life is dedicated for karate this message is for all dear karate ka's that if you love karate and wants to do something for karate then i would like to tell that please don't feel bad if you are the member of his team or any how attached with him, I m talking about BHARAT SHARMA. He is very cleaver political kind of person, He knows how to convince others even we can do anything for his own profit. BHARAT SHARMA is a good person, but for his own profit He can do anythingthat he can destroy any team whom soever he wants by his dirty politcs. I also wants to say something for the real karate playersthat if you are making your carrier in karate then live very far from BHARAT SHARMA as much as you can because untill you will do work for him, He will loves and appreciate your work but when you wants to do something for your own at that time he uses his dirty politcs and if you wants to get separate from him or wnats to do karate to live apart from him at time he will never ever let you go and uses you as a slave. ( very sorry to say this word but he uses his power in a very negative manner) As he is in power now he do thinks that he can make or destroy the life of a player very shameful. His one eye is always on other karate schools clubs for snatching of his colleagues by using his bloody power when they come against him after knowing his real personality. So i would Request you that karate is a pure Game and please let it pure. My motive is to aware you from his negative thinking or uses of power in a wrong way. I thought that if you ever had met with him in past then perhaps you would aware about him that how cleaver he is, I love karate so much and i want karate on a very pure place which should be far from these kinds of people. LOVE YOU KARATE.
maharashtra, bombay india - Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 11:12:08 am (EST)
Guest : ivan
How did you find TMAN?: Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Congratulations go to sensei steve leggett for the award of 7th dan grandmaster look forward to the next course to tame the history.
new york, n\a U.S.A - Friday, February 13, 2009 at 07:03:34 am (EST)