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ISKA Entertainment Company, Inc.


For Immediate Release July 11, 1996

The ISKA Entertainment Company (IEC) today revealed its broadcast plans for the first and second quarters of 1997, as a combination of: series for cable, syndication, and pay-per-view.

Chief among the plans are a renewal of IEC's highly successful "Strike Force;lSKA Kickboxing!'', on ESPN; and a United States -vs- Thailand mega event at the Mirage Hotel early next year, with live broadcasts on U.S. pay-per-view, and Thai and European networks.

The renewal of the ESPN series was expected. ISKA Kickboxing has been one of ESPN2's highest rated sports, with broadcasts during prime-time and latefringe time slots approaching a 1.0 rating. "Our relationship with ESPN has been a good one for both of us and will continue to expand", said Mike Sawyer, President of IEC. "The Strike Force series has been reviewed, and during 1997 we will also be collaborating with ESPN on our upcoming pay-per-view events"

IEC will produce two pay·per-view specials during the first half of 1997. The first, scheduled for February at the Mirage in Las Vegas, has been dubbed "Battle of the Supermen" This is a first-ever, unique event", said Scott Coker, CEO of IEC. 'the Thai fighters are known as the 'Supermen of the Ring', because they are nearly indestructible. The ESPN special series we did on Thai kickboxing from Thailand was so successful, we are following it up with the best: team Thailand has to offer against our best fighters here in the U.S. People wilt not believe what they see" The event is expected to be carried live on both Viewers Choice and Request, with participation by stand-alone systems and the backyard dish market.

IEC's second pay-per-view special, during the second quarter of 1997, is expected to feature Rick '"The Jet" Roufus -vs- Dennis "The Terminator'' Alexio for the ISKA World Heavyweight: Title. "The world has been waiting for this fight for five years", said Coker. "And in 1997 IEC will give it to them"

For further information contact Mike Sawyer at (352) 371-3838, (352) 376-3442 fax; or Scott Coker at (408) 371-8122, (408) 373-8136 fax.

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