Sept 11, 2001

To All Martial Artists

Dear Martial Artists and School Owners:

Sept.11, 2001, will live with us all, for the rest of our lives. It has been ingrained in our minds, as well as our souls. Life as we know it has changed and I’m afraid, not for the better. To all martial arts school owners, this would be a good time to revisit your schools program. In your children’s classes, the students must know how important it is that they do not leave their parents side when out and about shopping or doing chores. Also, each child must know their own phone number and how to get help in case of any emergency, either by dialing 911 or running towards a large group of people. In our Young Adult and Adult classes, lets do what we get paid for; teach our students how to protect and defend themselves. To the parents of our students, we need to stress the importance of them also knowing how to protect themselves, as well as anyone that may be with them. In our communities, we need to start Self Defense Programs. The flags that hang on our wall that tell people what style of martial art we teach can come down and be placed with much respect to the side for now. The only flag that needs to be there now is “The American Flag”. And for now I will start all of my classes with the pledge of allegiance. God Bless you all. And to those of you that have lost family yesterday, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Ron Tramontano Founder of The Martial Arts Network 1000 Universal Studios Orlando, FL 32819 561-482-9049 Boca Raton:
The Martial Arts Network is the largest martial arts web-site in the world dedicated to all styles of martial arts and its practitioners. We speak to over one million practitioner and school owners a month.

To All School Owners,

These are exciting times for all of us in the martial arts. For most of us, business has never been better. The rest of us are learning every day how to make our schools an integral part of our communities. Schools now have new standards. We have gone from karate teachers to martial arts educators. We no longer teach our art in little hole-in- the-wall storefronts; now we have state-of-the-art facilities. Life is good and getting better. If you are one of the movers and shakers in this industry, you are most likely on the Internet and the World Wide Web reading this letter. How do you like The Martial Arts Network On-Line site? Do you believe how much information there is out here for martial artists of all styles?

It's time to tell you what we need from you and your students. The time is now, we need all school owners to address their students on behalf of The Martial Arts Network. We would like them to participate in a letter writing and telephone campaign to cable companies in their local viewing areas. This will insure a genuine interest in having The Martial Arts Network as part of the cable company's programming day. It is my intention to bring together martial artists of every age; the millions training now and the millions that have trained in years past. The martial arts community has its power in its number of practitioners. We have the ability to make positive change in this country. However, we need a place to be heard. A place where we can express our opinions, educate our young, and show our senior citizens ways to stay fit and healthy. Our senior citizens, after all, are our parents and grandparents. The Martial Arts Network will be this meeting place and our members will be the link we will use to gather the vast amount of knowledge and material we will need. Please call information today and get the phone number of your local cable company ask for The Martial Arts Network to be placed on your local cable system.

Ron J. Tramontano - CEO

We are asking all school owners to register each school they own as a member of The Martial Arts Network for a yearly fee of $19.95. Also, to present this program to all of their students. Special school functions, such as kick-a-thons, car washes, and other fund-raisers can be organized to permit all of your students to become members of The Martial Arts Network. Along with this letter, I will give one example of how you can have your whole school can become members in a relatively short time. Make four copies of a $4.00 coupon on one sheet of paper, and hand them out to all of your students. Instruct your students to enlist the help of Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and friends by asking them to sponsor them as members of The Martial Arts Network. Explain to them the benefits of being a member of TMAN and also being able to access TMAN On-line services on the World Wide Web with their six digit access code. With the extra money, a TMAN party should be planned for the school to celebrate the future of Martial Arts. You can also contact me at 561-482-9049. I will send your school a member packet with instructions and letters that may be copied and sent home with your students. Remember, our power is in numbers.


Ron J. Tramontano - CEO


It is said

What is most important must never be at the mercy of what is least important.

What is most important is the future of the Martial Arts!

Having your schools join The Martial Arts Network will ensure your company's future growth and its ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Joining The Martial Arts Network now will enable you to be recognized as one of the premiere schools in the country.

Experience the future . . . today.

To become a charter member of The Martial Arts Network call 1-561-482-9049 today! (Please have your credit cards ready.)

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Or write to:

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I would like more information concerning this project. Please, beam me over to the TMAN Project.

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