TMAN Membership Payment Options

Joining "The Martial Arts Network" is quick and easy.
We offer three ways to join.

  1. Call us free!
    1. Dial 800-982-6476.
    2. We will take all the information over the phone
    3. Have your credit card ready.
    4. That's it!

  2. You can FAX us your check.
    1. Fill out the membership form.
    2. Fill out your check as usual.
    3. Dial 407-482-1896.
    4. Then FAX them to us.
    5. That's it. Easy Huh!

  3. Pay by e-mail!
    1. Fill out the Payment by E-mail form.
    2. Hit enter Submit.
    3. Even easier!

  4. Or you can use Snail Mail
    1. The Martial Arts Network
    2. 11435A Palmetto Park Rd.
    3. Boca Raton, FL 33428
    4. That's it. Easy Huh!

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