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Ernie Reyes Jr. Hideiko (Hidy) Ochiai
Rena Mero 
Sifu Seaman Biblical Fighting Arts
Robert Conrad Brian Cimins
Jimmy Higgins Scott Sonnon
Roger D'Onofrio Eric Lee
Ben Smith Interviews Cordelia Clancy Ben Smith Interviews Michel Qissi
Ben Smith Interviews Blackhawk Ben Smith Interviews Cynthia Rothrock
Wing Chun Master Randy Williams The Master Under Light
An Interview with Jeff Speakman Part 2 An Interview with Jeff Speakman
An Interview with Frank Dux An Interview with Frank Thiboutot
An Interview with Tony Interdonato An Interview with Kim Taylor 
Other Reprints available:
Frank Dux - Author of "THE SECRET MAN"
Summer Issue: Frank Thiboutot - Creator of the Cardio Kickboxing Workout
Spring Issue:Kim Taylor - Swordsman Extraordinaire
Premiere Issue: Tony Interdonato, President of the Martial Arts Network

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