Martial Arts Scouts of America "M.A.S.A.aaah"

Welcome America, to the next step in positive youth development. Martial Arts Scouts Of America is proud to present it official itinerary for its debut in January 2006

Hello, my name is Ron Tramontano, I am the President of "M.A.S.A.aah" Martial Arts Scouts Of America.

Right now you are probably asking yourself what is "M.A.S.A." and that is OK because this is what I am here to explain to you.

M.A.S.A. will be a network of million of young men and women with all of the skills of our traditional Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts with many very important differences.

A Martial Arts Scout Will Have

 All  The Skills Of A Traditional Scouts

You may be saying this sounds great, BUT how do you provide the training and qualified personnel all over the country. The answer is The Martial Arts Cable Television Network, "Motivational Programming for young people at its Best".

Here is how it works: Martial arts schools all over the country sign on to be a member of M.A.S.A. by filling out our application and paying an annual membership fee. If your school is already a Charter Member of the Martial Arts Network, your annual membership fee is reduced by 20%.

Advancement and Reward

Will be accomplished by Educational Programming by the Martial Arts Network, Test Taking and Martial Arts Instructors.

A national Ad campaign will promote M.A.S.A. with instructions on how to sign up.

Meetings for all scout members will be held at local martial arts schools twice a month for one hour. This is where all scouts receive their martial arts training and weapon training.

Age group are broken up into four groups; 5&6 Tiger Scouts, 7&8 Dragon Scouts, 9&10 Samurai Student and 11-13 Samurai Scout.

Personnel: Parents, community volunteers and Martial Artist

Facilities: Martial Arts Schools, Community Centers and Local Schools.

Uniforms: A national uniform will be developed

Cost to parents to sign up children will be $75 annual fee paid to M.A.S.A.and $2 Dues to be collected at meetings. Dues, are held by Scout Master Instructors for activities. Uniforms will cost around $40, also must have Sparring Equipment package $80. Total outlay of around $195 is in line with any scouting organizations in place at this time.

The Martial Arts Cable Television Network will provide all other instructional programming.

All Martial Arts Schools involved in this program will have a never ending source of well educated and extremely motivated new students.

Become a M.A.S.A. Member
FILL OUT AN APPLICATION TODAY!To sign up as a member of M.A.S.A. Please, use the application form provided for Charter Members.

Ron Tramontano

President M.A.S.A.aaah