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Master Alan Goldberg

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Man of the Year

Alan Goldberg

Alan Golberg   Founder of the Action Martial Arts Magazine. What do you say to a man that believes in you? Thank you, 
Woman of the Year Cynthia Rothrock For a life time of Martial Arts Contribution and some really great movies.   Click here for a list of Cynthia Movies And because she looks so good in Don Wilsons "Tradionz T-Shirts Click Here for Don Wilson's Tradionz T-Shirts
Most Loyal Supporter of TMAN Greg Silva Founder and C.E.O. United Proffessionals. Click Here to Visit United Professionals. When I told Master Silva about the The Virtual Project, He was all in. Thanks Master Silva for being part of this project. Visit The Virtual Martial Arts Competition Headquarters by Clicking Here
Helpful in making TMAN a reality. This list just gets longer each year. God bless you all and have a great New Year

Wesley Snipes

Mike Sawyer

Shanez Sawyer

Philip Culver

Ron Schuman

Gerald Okamura

Jennifer Kennedy

Dave Rubin

Vin Galeoto

John Kennedy

Tadashi Yamashita

Andre Morgan

Michael Kennedy

Madison Kennedy

Nicholas Kennedy

Ben Smith

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez

Michael James

Cory Schaefer

Curtis Wong

Dennis Brown

Don "The Dragon" Wilson

Dr. Aiello

Emil Farkas

Eric Lee

Ernie Reyes Jr.

George Dillman

Hector Echavarria

Hidy Ochiai

Bill Wallace

Jerry Berg

Jhoon Rhee

Jim Mc Cune

Katrina Putnam

Gena Monprode

Jerry Tramontano

Staff of Karate Voice

Staff of Black Belt Magazine

Staff of Inside Kung Fu

Bob Monprode

Dennis Dickison

Sean Sullivan

Joe Hess

John Chung

John Corcoran

John Graden

Joe Corley

Joyce Santamaria

Karen Sheperd

Kathy Long

Lamar Thornton

Linda Lee Cadwell

Marianne Seiler

Marshall Teague

Michel Qissi

Phi-Long Nguyen

Matthew Helms

Mike Chatarantabut

Paul Maslak

Eva Friedenn

Robert Conrad

Robert Mason

Ron Van Clief

Roy Williams

Rue DaSilva

Scott Coker

Scott Kiefer

Mike McCoy

Sonny Garber

Stephen Quadros

Don Southerton

Steven Oliver

Jim Lorimer

Doug Grant

Bill Berry

Lee Barton

Walter Faulkner


Bob Wall

Bong Soo Han

Dan Magnus

David Sklar

Jon Valera

Thanks to all of you for your tremendous help and kind words throughout the years. TMAN has come a long way because of it. Our best to all of you in the coming New Year "2013".......Master Ron Tramontano


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