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North American Martial Arts Federation

The North American Martial Arts Federation was founded in July of 1992 in Boca Raton, Florida by Master Ron Tramontano.  Master Ron Tramontano heads the largest martial arts website in the world and has access to over one million martial artists a month.  Master Tramontano, a well respected martial artist, as well as an extremely successful business man, has owned and operates his own school in Boca Raton, Florida since June of 1986.  Master Tramontano later founded the North American Tang Soo Do Federation which has it's headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our sister federation, the "N.A.T.S.D.F.", has over seen the certification of thousands of martial artists and the promotions of over 300 black belt since its inception in 1992.

I see, said Master Tramontano, a need for a federation of martial artists "N.A.M.A.F.".  One that can assist new school owners with the business of running a professional and profitable martial arts school. Also, to provide their schools with a professional back office that will keep track of students progress and provide clear and timely certification to each student and accurate reporting to each and every school owner.

Author of two published books on martial arts, "A Practical Guide to Self Defense thru The Martial Arts" and "The Tang Soo Do Workbook" as well as two other books soon to be released, one on martial arts forms and the other a diet book for children called, "It's not a Diet, it's a Save It".  Tramontano, when asked will tell you he is a person that makes things happen, I see it, and then I create it.

A true visionary, Tramontano and his partner, Mr. Tony Interdonato, are now creating the first ever cable television network for martial arts.  The Martial Arts Action Network or TMAN.com, as it has become known to the martial arts industry, is located at Universal Studios, Florida. 

If you stop to see Master Tramontano at his school in Boca Raton, Florida, "West Boca Karate", you will find a beautifully kept, technically modern facility. View the many photographs and pictures hanging all around the school from Chuck Norris with Master Tramontano to Don "The  "Dragon" Wilson with Master Tramontano. You name the martial arts icon and be assured Master Tramontano and he know of each other.