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The Time Master is MASTER TAMO, who has traveled through galaxies and settled at the Shaolin Temple in northern China in 540 A.D.   He has been charged with guarding The BRACKEN, a medallion that can control time travel, keeping it out of the hands of CIFER (Lucifer), who would do anything to get it.   

Many years before, Tamo split the medallion in three pieces, giving a piece to each of his sons, RAMUS and TRAC, and keeping the third for himself.   

The sons, however, have been at war with each other for decades. Trac doing what he has to, to obtain his brother’s piece of the Bracken.   

Ramus’ seven year old son, KODA, is prophesied to be the next Time Master and MAZE, friend of Ramus, is Koda’s protector.   

This story opens on another planet where Ramus’ kingdom is under attack from Trac’s forces.   

Ramus gives Maze his piece of the Bracken and asks her to take his son, Koda, in a spacecraft that will take them to ABBOT FANG CHANG on a planet called Earth.

Traveling through a worm hole, they land on earth in 540 A.D. at the Shaolin Temple in China.

Three monks are waiting for them and unsure if she can trust them, Maze insists on seeing Abbot Fang Chang.   

She realizes that the Older Monk took her medallion and she fights him to get it back.  

She is surprised he is familiar with her fighting style that she learned from her father and we later learn he is Master Tamo himself.   

The other monk is Abbot Fang Chang, who tells Maze how Master Tamo came to live at the Temple so many years ago, showing them moving exercises that were the beginning of Gung Fu.   

Maze then speaks with Master Tamo who reveals himself as Ramus’ and Trac’s father and best friend to her father.   He also tells her that Koda is to be the next Time Master and she is to be Koda’s protector.   

Once she fully understands, he begins training her in time travel while Koda’s lessons begin in Gung Fu.   

Months pass and 7 year old Koda continues in his training while Tamo shows Maze a Training Deck he has built that the Bracken controls.   Like a holodeck, they can have the training deck with them no matter where they are.   

Tamo also tells Maze he senses trouble; that the AGUST, cold-blooded killers who have no honor and have destroyed entire civilizations for greed, must be close by.   He tells her to be on guard.   


In the meantime, Abbot Fang Chang is preparing for the Festival of Good Fortune.   This year, Tamo wants to have Gung Fu demonstrations so the people will know the skills of a Shaolin Monk and so the people of China will have “a place to look for what is right.”   

But a SPY MONK reports to the EMPEROR their intentions and the Emperor decides they must be stopped. The people should only know of their Emperors power and no other.   

He tells the Spy that he will send his best fighters to challenge the monks of Shaolin. The Spy, however, warns the Emperor that his fighters may not be good enough to beat a Shaolin Monk. Spy Monk suggest that he take on the Emperor’s best fighter. The Emperor agrees.  Spy Monk easily beat them.   

But when the Emperor sends in the HEAD INSTRUCTOR, a huge man unlike any the Spy has ever seen, the Instructor beats the Spy immediately.   The Spy asks where the Instructor came from and is only told from “very far away”.

The Emperor tells him to go back and wait for his instructions.   

The festival has begun and a note is sent to the Spy that the Emperor plans to kidnap Koda.   

A MESSENGER arrives at the Temple with a command from the Emperor. Shaolin Monks must lose to the Emperor’s fighters in front of the people. Failure to comply, will result in the Emperors’ troops storming the Temple and killing Koda, who is now being held captive.   

Angered, Tamo uses the Bracken to go back in time with Maze to observe only who took Koda.   They learn who the Spy Monk is and save Koda, unbeknownst to the Emperor.   

When the Emperor arrives, he demands to speak with Tamo, and when he learns that Koda is indeed safe, angered, he insists on going ahead with the fighting.   

The Head Instructor, THOW, approaches Tamo. Tamo recognizes him.   Tamo tells everyone present that Thow is Cifer (Lucifer), who rules the Agust.   

Cifer then has the guards take the Emperor prisoner as more guards drag Ramus and Trac into the courtyard.   

In an attempt to save his sons’ lives, Tamo challenges Cifer to a fight.   He proposes that Cifer fight three of Tamo’s best students and then fight Tamo himself.   If Tamo wins, his sons will be freed and their planet not destroyed, and Earth will never be touched by Cifer.   

Cifer, refuses and they ultimately settle on two thousand years of captivity for himself if he loses. If Tamo loses, Cifer gets the Bracken and Tamo’s soul.   

Tamo then goes to the Training Deck and programs its learning mode to study Cifer’s moves.

As each student goes against him, the training deck learns more until finally, when it is Tamo’s turn, Tamo now has the same knowledge and skill level as Cifer.   

As they fight, Cifer begins to lose and takes out The Bracken piece that he stole from Trac, about to use it to help himself win ELEVEN DISCIPLES appear in the night sky and surround Cifer, striking him down with the power of The Bracken they each posses.   

Cifer falls to his knees and Tamo takes The Bracken piece from him.   

The Eleven encase Cifer by the beams of light from their Brackens, imprisoning Cifer for two thousand years.

As Koda runs to his grandfather’s side, Tamo tells him he is gazing upon “the enemy of man”.