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It would be interesting if someone ever makes a movie out of one of the stories in the Urantia book. Amazing work on the cosmos. Random comment…

Back To Urantia is not just a movie. It is a movement back to where we need to be; in a time of Honor, Respect and Family. The Urantia Book is a Revelation given to us by God and delivered to us by his Angels as they took part and witnessed Jesus and his mission here on Earth (Urantia). For some reason, I felt compelled to place my screenplays in a futuristic time machine by creating my stories around the legends and myths of a Buddhist monk who lived during the 5th/6th century, named  Bodhidharma. As each screenplay progressed I found myself unraveling more and more of the true nature of the Urantia Book. More of the celestial beings started showing up in my futuristic time machine; names, titles and functions throughout an unbelievable super universe that tells a story of life everywhere.  We will travel throughout space and time to Bodhidharma arrival on Earth (Urantia) at the Shaolin Temple. It’s an exciting ride and the wisdom is unbelievably breathtaking.

We are looking to make the first of the three screenplay with Kickstarter help however once in production mode we may decide to shoot scenes for the other two screenplays to save time and money.


Back To Urantia

Shaolin Temple, China, Master Tamo, must battle Lord Cifer for control of The Bracken; a force so great it controls time itself and if need be, can right the wrongs of history. Lord Cifer knows this and has a wrong of his own he wishes to right.

Second Screenplay: Urantia Seven

When you are the first Emperor of Rome, they can’t kill you off that easy; even if they are from the future.

Third Screenplay: Timeline

There has never been a trial like this. The heavens are open and Lucifer’s time has come full circle. There is a discrepancy in a time line that must be changed now. If not, the universe will play out an existence so evil, the heavens will cry.

Risks and challenges

Some actors do not understand how much goes into making a movie, so they think you can work with their schedule. This never works out.

Hair and makeup artist: As the name implies, this person is in charge of getting the actors into the right hairstyles and makeup for each scene. Finding the right person for this is never an easy task. Some people say to shoot multiple takes from multiple angles because it will be more interesting in the end. An added expense for sure and if you are under time pressure you will need to use more than one camera. The way that you edit your film drastically affects the way the film ends up looking and feeling key people need to be found and everyone come with baggage. As with all films, I would think it possesses all of the same pitfalls.