Coverage by Scriptopolis

Back to Urantia serves as a prequel to KUNG FU the movie, MASTER TAMO, a.k.a. (Bodhidharma) polices the universe for his people, an advanced human culture, called the Peacemakers. Tamo has made his headquarters on Earth, at the Shaolin Temple in China, in the year 545 A.D.  As the Time Master, Tamo controls The Bracken, an ancient medallion created by a civilization of ascended beings called  “The First”. The First, and their civilization is as old as time itself. The Bracken is part of a created balance that exists in the universe of Nebadon; a force so great it controls time itself and can right all the wrongs of history. After many years of policing the universe, Tamo meets his wife and falls in love. They get married and have two boys, RAMUS and TRAC. Life is good for many years until one day, on a trip to see friends; his wife is killed in what looks at first to be an accident. Days even months go by, something is wrong and Tamo can’t put his finger on what. The loss of his wife is becoming too much for him to cope with. Tamo decides to leave his sons with his best friend and disappear for what he thinks will be a short time. Years go by, the boys have grown into men and are now the rulers of their world. In a secret room within the Castle one day appears a time capsule accompanied by a letter, the letter is only signed a friend and has two pieces of a broken medallion, which the letter calls the Bracken. At first, this gives hope to the boys that their father may still be alive. After a while, Trac develops a deep resentment for his father, blaming him for his mother’s death. An argument breaks out between Ramus and Trac for control of the other’s piece of The Bracken. This turns into a raging battle in which Ramus loses his wife and is left with his only son, KODA; a seven year old boy that Ramus has been warned to get off the planet in the mysterious letter sent with the time capsule. Ramus gives Koda to MAZE to take care of and protect. The daughter of Tamo’s best friend, Maze, having grown up with both Ramus and Trac, is being pulled into the argument by the brothers. Trac is obstinate and will not listen to reason forcing Mazes’ hand to support Ramus who Maze has secretly loved all her life. Ramus puts Maze and Koda in the time capsule and sends them to Earth. Maze and Koda travel through a worm hole, find themselves on a planet called Earth, in the year 545 A.D., at the Shaolin Temple in China. On Earth, Maze is met by three monks and is unsure if she can trust any of them. Maze insists on seeing ABBOT FANG CHANG, the person Ramus told her to seek out. She realizes that one of the Monks has taken her piece of the Bracken and starts to fight to get it back. She is surprised this Monk is familiar with her fighting style; a style taught to her by her father. Confused at first, Maze later learns this Monk is Master Tamo. Maze also learns of Master Tamo’s contribution to Shaolin and the Monks of the Temple. Abbot Fang Chang tells Maze how Master Tamo came to live at the Temple so many years ago, showing them moving exercises that were the beginning of Gung Fu. Maze then speaks with Master Tamo, who reveals himself as Ramus’ and Trac’s father and best friend to her father. He also tells her that Koda is to be the next Time Master and she is to be Koda’s protector. Once she fully understands, he begins training Maze in time travel while Koda’s lessons begin in Gung Fu. Months pass. Koda is not quite 8 year old. Tamo reveals to Maze and Koda a Training Deck he has built and the Bracken controls. Similar to a holadeck, the deck is meant to sharpen their Gung Fu skills. They can have the training deck with them, no matter where they are through the use of the Bracken. Tamo continues telling Maze he senses trouble. The AGUST, cold-blooded killers, who have no honor and have destroyed entire civilizations now fall under the rule of Lord Cifer, must be close by. This story opens on another planet, where LORD CIFER seeks to find The Bracken. After hearing the prophecy, given by the OLD MAN that lives on this far off planet, Lord Cifer starts looking for Tamo’s Sons. Lord Cifer now knows the Bracken has been broken into three pieces and the sons each have a piece. Lord Cifer also knows of Koda, the grandson, of Tamo. Koda is to be the next Time Master. The prophecy tells of this boy and his protector a woman, a very skilled warrior. Thus begins the epic adventure that is Back To Urantia.