TITLE:   Urantia Seven

WRITER:  Ron Tramontano - Ront398675@aol.com


After being dropped off on Earth a thousand years ago and having made a few major contributions to society, such as the Roman Empire, Seven, a stranded Agust soldier, is now presented with a technological opportunity to call his people and have them come destroy Earth.

Master Tamo, the Time Master, who has setup his base of operation at the Shaolin Temple, in the year 545 A.D., in Time Master One, continues to train eight year old grandson, Koda.  Maze, Koda’s protector, is also Master Tamo’s student and gets caught up in Master Tamo’s denial that an Agust soldier may have been left on the planet, after the battle he (Tamo) had with Lord Cifer. As the Time Master, Tamo controls The Bracken, an ancient medallion created by a civilization of ascended beings called ,“The First”, dates back to the beginning of time. The Bracken is part of a created balance that exists in the universe of Nebadon; a force so great it controls time itself and can right all the wrongs of history.

After the death of a Shaolin Monk in a nearby forest, Master Tamo uses The Bracken to go back in time, to witness what had taken place.

All this is happening, at the same time a race is on to protect Salvington, the home world of Master Tamo’s two sons, Ramus and Trac. The battle and defeat of Lord Cifer has left a trail to the Galaxy of Nebadon.  It won’t be long before Topalus, Lord Cifer’s right hand man figures out what planets Lord Cifer went to, on his search for the ultimate power, “The Bracken.”  

(From Salvington, it could be a short distance to Earth)

To make matters worse, Maze also has to contend with an uprising by the Emperor’s General Ti against Seven. Seven is using the Emperor to help plan an attack on the Shaolin Temple. Seven has promised the Emperor, upon the arrival of The Agust, he, the Emperor, will be the most powerful man on Earth. Seven, now the Supreme Commander of the Empires Army, proceeds to kill the General Ti’s son just to make a point, in front of the other Officers. Maze is also dealing with the preparation for Koda’s eighth Birthday Celebration, not to mention, a robotic, futuristic, high tech, Training Deck that pulls no punches and has a robotic personality that is hilarious.

The movie opens with a breath taking, action scene. A starship hovers, over the Shaolin Temple, raining down laser blasts, destroying the Temple and killing the people. We see key characters die, that you have learned to love in Time Master One. The audience is thinking…. go back in time to fix it. Wrong!

The movie is full of Sci-Fi Action-Martial Arts Training and Shaolin Temple Wisdom.

In the end, everyone is crying.

Hello.  My name is Ron Tramontano.  I am the creator of “The Time Master Trilogy”; three full-length screenplays that may be developed in a number of ways.  Whether it’s for the big screen, television or as a weekly series, Time Master has all of the elements needed to be sold around the world.  The genre, being Sci-Fi with martial arts action, plus a good dose of Shaolin Temple Wisdom and just enough comedy, will keep your audiences smiling, as they leave their local theaters.  Please take a moment to read some of the information I have posted on this site about Time Master Trilogy. The heroes of Time Master Trilogy are an eight year old boy, name Koda, and his protector Maze, a woman.  You won’t be sorry. Thank you.  Again, this is Ron Tramontano and I am the creator of “Time Master Trilogy”.


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