ABBOT FANG CHANG and MASTER PO lie dead in the courtyard, with MAZE nearby, badly wounded. Just as Maze is fired upon again, we cut to a new scene; Maze returning from Salvington where she has dropped off RAMUS and TRAC. They are busy preparing their world to defend itself against any possible attacks by the Agust.

KODA’S eighth birthday is one month away and Maze is planning a big party at the Shaolin Temple. Koda is thrilled to see Maze return and is excited to learn that his father will come to Earth for his birthday party but something is wrong. Koda is playing over and over in his head something his Grandfather said he would have to do.

It’s this pending fight with LORD CIFER that is playing over and over in Koda’s mind and it falls on Maze, Koda’s would be mother, to council the boy, something Maze feels in her mind, she is poorly equipped to do.

TAMO gives Maze a beautiful pendant with special powers. However, Tamo never gets a chance to tell Maze about the pendant, or what it is capable of doing.

Meanwhile, a Shaolin Monk is killed in a nearby forest and an unknown man bends over him, stealing a parchment from the dead monk.

That night SEVEN a left over Agust Soldier from “Time Master”, appears outside the Emperor’s bedroom window. Seven manages to hold a knife to EMPEROR’S throat, threatening his life if he does not do what Seven tells him, and the EMPEROR agrees.

In the meantime, Tamo has continued to work on the Training Deck, improving its many qualities.

As Tamo, Maze and Chang discuss the monk’s murder, Chang tells them of a parchment with strange symbols on it that he found in the dead monk’s chamber, promising to bring it to Tamo later.

We watch Seven as he trains the Emperor’s men. He kills one in cold blood to make a point, the son of GENERAL TI. As a result, none of the soldiers like him but they do fear him, and General Ti plans a covert mission to somehow get rid of this strong, strange, and seemingly impossible to kill man. He decides to get help from the Shaolin monks and sends a message to his old friend,Abbot Fang Chang.

Back at the temple, Maze tells Chang of a ritual they had on her world of once a year making a pilgrimage to visit their wise man. A man named MICHAEL, and later, Tamo promises that someday Chang will get to meet him.

When Chang shows Tamo the parchment he found, Tamo is worried and explains to Chang that the dead monk knew of the time capsule because the symbols are only found on the outside of the capsule.

Worried, Tamo decides to go back in time to see who killed the Monk. As he and Maze follow the killer, Seven, back further in time, to his beginning, Tamo learns that Seven is an Agust Soldier. He has been on Earth so long that he evolved in many ways not only in looks, making it impossible for Tamo and Disciples to sense him when they cleaned up all the Agust Soldiers on the planet in “Time Master”.

In the meantime, Maze tries to have a talk with Koda about what is worrying him, but Koda starts asking her about her feelings for his father Ramus. Maze gets all flustered and doesn’t get an opportunity to talk about what is bothering Koda. We learn later that Koda’s feelings toward Maze are that of a son for his mother, yearning to call her ‘Mother’ but afraid to.

Back on Salvington,Trac and Ramus race to get three satellites in space to protect the planet from what they feel will be an impending attack by the Agust.

Trac shows his feelings for one of the scientists, DR. ARDILIA and she feels the same toward him. Trac, who is now the KING of Salvington, works with his brother Ramus together to carry out the plan their father Tamo gave them to protect their world.

Back on earth, Chang gets a message from General Ti, telling Chang he needs his help. Chang in turn, tells Tamo and Maze and they all agree to meet with the General that night.

When they learn General Ti’s enemy, is their enemy, Seven, Maze tells Ti to let them handle it. The General agrees.  Tamo tells Maze he needs to seek help from the FORE and TWENTY COUNSELORS.

Maze needs to returns to Salvington using the time capsule. But just as she boards, Seven, in an invisible cloak, sneaks on board with her, but Chang sees what looks like an invisible person as it enters the liquid door of the capsule.

Elsewhere in the universe, another servant of Lord Cifer, TOPALUS, is in command of an Agust Starship.  He heads towards Salvington where he believes his commander,Lord Cifer is being held.

Chang tries to get a warning message to Maze via the Training Deck, but as Maze gets off the Time Capsule on Salvington, Ramus who awaits Maze arrival sees Seven behind her as his cloak falls away exiting the capsule. Topalus, whose ship is almost to Salvington, detects Seven on the planet and immediately gives orders to have him beamed on board his ship.

The Agust fleet Topalus organized to meet him at Salvington arrives; and in a blink mysteriously disappears. Topalus gives orders to leave Salvington and this universe immediately.

The Emperor on Earth explains to one of his trusted advisors that they are forced to do Seven’s bidding and attack the Shaolin Temple. A plan is put in motion to attack on Koda’s birthday celebration day. Though the Emperor does not want to attack, he feels forced to protect himself, his family and his land.

Back on Salvington, Maze puts it all together and in a hologram message transmitted back to Earth via the training deck, tells Chang to get Koda and the others away from Shaolin to avoid an attack by the Agust; Maze also tells Chang she is on her way back to Earth.

When she returns to Earth, the temple is under attack and we are brought back to the opening scene as we watch Chang and Master Po die and Maze wounded. As she is hit directly by a laser beam fired from the Agust ship above, the pendent Tamo gave her fires back and saves her. Maze joins with Tamo and they watch as Chang and  Master Po walk with Michael into the light, revealing Michael to be the Son of God.